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Property Management Fees
Property Management Fees
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Experienced property managers are dedicated to their portfolio of rental properties and care about their properties, owners, and tenants. It’s important to understand a firm’s property managers’ bandwidth in order to adequately handle the workload and provide the services owners expect and residents deserve. Rental portfolio size can drastically vary for a, manager depending on their experience, type of properties, and the number of owners they report to. There is no set guideline for this, but it’s an important conversation to have when talking to prospective management firms. Some companies offer flat rate fees, where you pay the same amount regardless of the rental price attached to your home. You need to know whether all the management services you need and expect are included, or if they will be extra. You may find a management company that charges a low monthly fee but then also charges for each inspection, every maintenance call, and each tenant phone call.

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Established in 2008, Collective House Realty assists home buyers and sellers in Columbus and the surrounding locations. Its team of real estate professionals, who are natives of the area, helps in the acquisition and listing of different types of residential properties,, from colonial and farm-style homes to luxury condominiums. Chris Cook, one of the company's agents, grew up, surrounded by family members who were in the real estate industry. He worked in the appraisal field for five years before switching to sales. Looking for a new home, income property, or commercial space? You can customize searches from an up-to-the-hour database of properties and receive instant e-alerts whenever similar properties enter your search criteria! Don8217t miss out on another right key property management in this intense market!

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Absolutely! Each area has regular meetings, lunch and learns, CE classes, etc. If you need to occasionally use a physical office for training or meetings, eXp Realty has an agreement with Regus Business Centers to provide agents with free access to their facilities, and discounts on spaces for private meetings and events. Both eXp Realty and Real offer agents stock awards for production and attraction milestones. Real currently offers agents 1000 shares of stock for hitting their annual production cap, whereas eXp Realty offers agents $400 worth of company stock. Additionally, when an agent sponsors an agent into the company, Real awards that agent with 500 shares of stock, whereas eXp Realty offers $400 worth of shares. Open the door to success with eXp Realty. Step into our world and discover all the ways eXp empowers our agents to excel in the real estate industry, no matter where they are.


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